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Briana knows her stuff!!!

I only see Briana once in a while to workout, since I live out of town. Her personal training style leaves me breathless and sweaty. Briana knows how to kick it up a notch and really make you work hard! I highly recommend her.

Amazing motivator and expertise!!

Briana has always been my go to whenever I have questions about balanced nutrition. Regardless of your daily diet, she guides you with alternative options to keep you on point. Her knowledge, patience, motivation and expertise does not lay solely in the gym. Her health advise goes beyond the muscles, and truly changes life habits and lifestyles to become a genuine healthy and happy person. If i could fly her in everyday, I would in a second!

by LReynolds on Blank Business Name
Mentor and Motivator

Having Briana as a nutritional mentor has been amazing. What is great about Bri is that she works hard with her clients to create the best plan for them personally. I came to Briana for nutritional advice, knowing I didn’t want to drastically change my diet. Bri gave me the best tips and suggestions to slowly change my eating habits and months later raw food has become a part of my diet in a way I would never have imagined. Overall, Briana is a motivating guide who really knows the intricacies of food combining and she will be your biggest fan during your time with her.

Gone where no other person has gotten me to go

Well first let me start by saying I have several physical limitations…bad knees, bad back oh and sometimes a bad attitude. Not being able to work out the way I used to I had to find a different way of exercising without hurting myself and achieve results. Briana has been able to adjust her workouts for me to fit my capabilities and has the knack to make them hard enough for me to feel like I am putting in a lot of effort.
She has also convinced me that juicing is the way to go. I now drink my breakfast and lunch and am eating almost fully organic products.
Never thought I would ever do this but she made me…oops I mean inspired me! FEELING GREAT!

Well Rounded

Briana’s knowledge not only on fitness but nutrition provides you with the ultimate success in your work out goals. With any of her work outs, she is able to provide you with alternatives if you don’t have access to a piece of equipment or suffer from an injury. Briana is also able to provide you with excellent eating tips that match your body’s needs. Most importantly, Brianna’s ability to match your tempo and then push you will provide the best workout success.

Testimonials from Briana’s clients.

I’ve always considered myself to be someone who enjoys working out, but have found it hard to keep myself motivated and on track with my routine. I’ve had personal trainers in the past, but when I heard that Briana Stockton was moving back to the bay area, I was so excited, because I knew that by working with her I would be taking it to the next level. Making the commitment to three sessions per week, over the last six months, Briana has changed the way I look and feel about myself. I’ve gained about twelve pounds of lean muscle and have greatly improved my posture through rigorous weight training and plyometrics. I really love her style too; she is constantly changing things up, ensuring that every workout is challenging and beneficial. My clothes fit better, I find myself happier and have to say love how much everyone notices the changes with my body. Briana is simply the best and I find her absolutely invaluable.

– Michael

Briana takes you to your limit…she pushes you until you have nothing left and then asks you to give a little more and that is the mark of a great trainer. Training with Briana is a rewarding and exciting journey!

– Michelle


Briana has a holistic approach to working out – not only do her workouts incorporate cardio, strength training, endurance and agility, but she also covers nutrition and healthy life style and she never puts you through the same routine twice. She has completely transformed my body and made it both a fun + challenging journey. I absolutely LOVE my work outs with Bri.

– Whitney


I had hit a plateau in my physical fitness. I was feeling pretty good and in decent shape, but just not making progress – until I started working with Briana. After just a couple of workouts I saw an immediate improvement in my strength, endurance and overall fitness. Working out can be tedious and rather boring, but not with Briana. Every week’s session was fresh, and she showed me new and interesting things I could incorporate into my ongoing workout regime. In a few month’s time, I found that I had shaved a full minute off my running time for a mile, had far more energy and on top of it all was having a great time getting in shape.

– Cathy