Let’s Talk about Raw Food

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Rationale on eating a raw food diet:
What body builder doesn’t want the strength or muscle mass of a gorilla and what athlete doesn’t want the agility skills of a monkey? Neither of these creatures are indulging in a Standard American diet or including protein powders and supplements in their meals. They eat raw vegetables, fruits and nuts and engage in fun daily physical activities.

The original diet for us consisted primarily of vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. A raw, plant based diet is the main food staple throughout the vast majority of the history of Human kind. No other creature on the planet cooks its food in any way. You are what you eat is a cosmic law. It is a shared statement and belief throughout every language and religion. Give your body the highest quality of foods. The only true control you have is what you put in your body. Be the best that you can be, feed and nourish yourself rich.

1150213_597919156927535_1419228880_nOn raw foods, the mind will be clear. You will no longer suffer from heartburn, gas, indigestion or constipation. You will be more alert, think sharper and more logically. Raw food will not leave you tired or bloated.

I am not suggesting that raw is the only solution and that you should be 100% raw/vegan. I do want to emphasize the benefits of adding more raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds to ones diet. Eating more fresh uncooked food will enhance your mental and physical ability as well as keep your immune system strong.

What’s the difference between Cooked Food & Raw Food?

First, let’s talk about cooked foods, this is not the best way and definitely not the only way for us to eat. Instead it is comfort, we have become comfortable with our habits, and have trained ourselves to believe that food (especially cooked) comforts our emotions. Tragically we accept, or deny, the belief of the consequences from cooked foods. They literally clog and back us up, slow us down, and lead to aging and illness. Our digestive system is like a freeway. You never want stopped or slow moving traffic. A clear on ramp and smooth passing to an easy exit is ideal. Raw living food with enzymes will help clear the tract.

When food is cooked we loose over 30% to 50% of its vitamins and minerals, at least 50% of its protein and absolutely 100% of its enzymes have been destroyed. Enzymes assist in the digestion and absorption of foods. They are known to be the “Life-Force” and or “energy” of food. Cooked food depletes the purpose of fueling energy to our body. Our body wastes energy to help digest cooked foods. Cooked food is difficult on our body to properly utilize and valuable oxygen is lost, and free radicals are produced, which are the major cause of cancer.

for the body

Say goodbye to bloated, sluggish afternoons, and say hello to an invigorated approach to eating. A raw diet rids you of indigestion and constipation, and feeds your body with nutrients, which allow your body to recognize being full. You won’t need to be concerned with portion control, and you’ll find yourself breaking the habit of reading the calories, fats and sugars on the back of the box. Most importantly you no longer feel uncomfortably full. Your skin will glow through healthy new cells, and your hair will grow in thicker and shinier.

for the mind

On raw foods, the mind will be clear. Immediately you will be more alert, able to think sharper and more logically. Your body wont be wasting its energy to break your food down to digest to use as energy. Instead the raw fruits and vegetables you will be eating are full of enzymes and easily digest in your body leaving you full of energy for activity and production. The fruit is already a simple glucose and the vegetables are broken down so quickly and easily into a glucose for your brain to recognize and use as energy. When your body and brain are working together as one you are fine tuned. Your daily routine because more pleasurable and your mind creative with genuine joy and happiness. Your nights become more relaxed and your sleeps deep and content.

for the spirit

A Raw-Based Diet has the best balance of water, nutrients, and fiber to meet your body’s needs. Raw foods provide with more strength, energy, and stamina for a healthier lifestyle. When the body and mind are harmonized, life’s free radicals like depression and anxiety can lift, allowing us to truly thrive.

I am not suggesting that a Raw-Based Diet is the only salutation, or that you should be 100% raw and/or vegan. Simply, I want to emphasize the benefits of incorporating raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds to our diets. For more information, please see about Nutritional Consulting.

Raw food has the best balance of water, nutrients and fiber to meet your body’s needs. Raw food provides you with more strength, energy and stamina for a healthier lifestyle.

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